First Impressions Of Android 10 Beta on the One M8

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Wed Oct 09, 2019 7:22 pm

Following the official launch of Android 10 , Different forums have been awash with the various articles on the latest features of the OS. And while major OEMs are working on forward porting their custom features onto the new code base, Custom ROM users may not have to wait that long before having a feel of the new version of Android in their hands.

This 2014 device lives on 5 years later and has received android Q Custom ROM ahead of most of the flagships awaiting official updates thanks to skilled Lineage OS developer over at XDA. In this unofficial LOS build, almost everything is functional save for a few minor bugs in the settings where some menus are blank (Mainly because not all features of LOS 16 have been successfully forward ported to the android 10 base yet). Chrome and Brave browsers also seem to freeze about 10 minutes into use but Firefox and Microsoft Edge work smooth.
The build is stable enough to use as a daily driver and for a beta in testing, that's above par. 
Root access though is only possible with magisk canary build.

All the Google apps work fine without a hitch much as they are also in Beta.
It's only a matter of time before we see all the functionality come to life. The future looks bright still for this Handset
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