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I will not be held responsible for bricked devices but i could surely be held responsible for awesome devices. Do this stuff at your own risk!!!

- Nexus 5 device charged to at least 60%(obviously)
-TWRP image file
or get it here
-ADB + FASTBOOT installed on your computer
-USB cable
-Google device drivers installed (you can download them from here and installation instructions from Garry's tutorial)
-basic knowledge of adb and fastboot commands



1. Download and install the required drivers
2. Download and install adb+fastboot and install system wide on your pc (this will help u run adb + fastboot from anywhere)
3. Download TWRP image and save it in a suitable folder in your pc
4. Enable usb debugging on your nexus from developer settings and authorize your computer by accepting the debugging popup on your phone.
5.Back up your phone data and reboot your device in fastboot by turning it off completely. Now hold power + volume up + volume down simultaneously until you  see the fastboot menu with a large green arrow on the top screen
6.Connect your  device via usb to the computer.
7. Open the folder with your downloaded twrp image,hold the shift key and right click anywhere,then select "open command window here"
8. Type the following commands without the ""

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fastboot devices
your pc should show the device id and the list of adb devices attached
9.Unlock your boot loader by running the next comand [**this will wipe all your data and factory reset your device**]

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fastboot oem unlock

You should now see a screen on your phone asking you to confirm this action, use the volume keys to scroll and the power key to confirm if you're sure you want to go ahead.let it complete
10.Allow the process to complete and then issue this command:

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fastboot reboot

Allow everything to go ahead and once finished you can disconnect your usb cable.

***Important: do not relock your bootloader unless your phone is fully stock. You must flash the factory images first in order to remove root and custom recovery (if you have them), if this precaution isn't taken you may end up with a brick***

Now the important news, if all has gone well  up to this point, you are half way done...if not,u might be in some good trouble but the good news is there are several ways to unbrick your devices over at xda

B. Installing TWRP
  • Power off your phone then boot into the bootloader (power + volume down+ volume up).
  • Open a command prompt from within the folder with your recovery in its root ( shift + right click anywhere within that folder, select open command prompt here), enter this command:
fastboot flash recovery filename.img
where filename is your twrp name.img
  • Use the volume keys to scroll and power key to select the Reboot Bootloader option. Once the phone has booted back into the bootloader, use the volume keys to scroll and the power key to boot into your newly flashed recovery. It's now safe to disconnect your usb cable. If using Nougat 7.0 or newer, you must now boot directly into TWRP and flash SuperSU (or your preferred root alternative) so that TWRP will persist between reboots.
When TWRP boots up you'll be asked whether you want to allow system modifications or to keep it read-only, choose to allow system modifications, there's no benefit to keeping it read-only.

Do not flash the version of SuperSU that TWRP offers to flash for you in order to give you root, it is not compatible and will cause problems. When you attempt to reboot out of TWRP it will tell you that it's detecting that you don't have root and it will offer to root for you, skip past this.

Some users need a custom recovery for a temporary period, so they live boot the recovery. In this scenario, the custom recovery replaces the stock recovery until a reboot is performed. Place the file in your fastboot folder then enter this command:

fastboot boot filename.img
(The recovery filename in the command will change depending on which recovery you're flashing)
Reboot into your new recovery and flash super su, or magisk to root

-Team droid Community
-Arnold Garry
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