PIXEL ROM V4 for the Galaxy S6 edge+

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 / March 8, 2017

In collaboration with...




By @CrsMthw | @Smokkiekinz | @CaptainTiiti 


For people who wish to get a Google Pixel like stock experience...



- CQC7 Official Nougat Base
- Only Google Apps (except for samsung camera, gallery and video player. Since they are too good to be thrown away)
- Google Assistant
- Heavily Debloated
- Odex (smooth and stable and fast as hell)
- Zipaligned
- App Lock
- Pre-rooted with Magisk
- 1000+ fonts
- Coloured System UI
- Advanced Power menu
- ROM control support
- Custom Kernel
- Kernel Adiutor for CPU Over clocking or Under clocking and setting governors
- Good Battery


- 300mhz on little cores UC
- 600mhz on Big Cores UC
- 2.3Ghz on Big Cores OC
- 1.8Ghz on Little Cores OC
- Permissive

- COMING SOON:- Hotplug tweak, Interactive Governor tweaks and Conservative and Power saving governors. (Will release as OTA update soon!)




 Wipe system, data, cache and dalvik cache
- Flash rom zip
- Flash any add-on zip that you have downloaded from post 2
- Reboot
- Complete setup
- Go to Settings > Apps > menu > Default apps > Calling App > Select Phone
- Install Magisk Manager from play store and OPEN IT ONCE for root access
- Done!


ROM CONTROL -Credits to @thereassaad || Please use the rom at least 15 minutes before flashing this. SystemUI will crash once when you open it.



- V4: - CQC7 official base
- Latest Google Apps as of 24th March 2017
- Zipaligned all apks for better ram usage
- Coloured SystemUI to a more Google Pixel like colour
- ROM Control support
- Advanced power menu
- Custom permissive kernel with support for CPU UC and OC, 300MHz lowest frequency, 2.3GHz highest frequency and more
- Kernel Adiutor for CPU Over clocking or Under clocking and setting governors
- DivineBeats mod has been removed as the kernel is permissive which allows more choice for the user to use the audio mod, he/she prefers.
- Added one handed mode and gearVR and samsung cloud features back
- Added MiUI sound libraries in add-ons post (Post 2) for super loud sound

- V2: set english as default language
added data usage in Notification panel
added app lock
removed device security from smart manager
added shutter sound menu in camera

- V1: Initial release


- My friend, Tom Olsson ( @thools60 ) for his love of Google apps and services, which gave me the idea for this rom. And also for finding out the solution to the in-call UI issue.
- My testers:
- Kadir ( @Wexx_ ) 
- Luca ( @lucastanciu )
- Kevin ( @Mønsters924 ) 
- Tom Olsson ( @thools60 )
- @hiepgia for dev-base
- opengapps.org for the google apps
- @TheRoyalSeeker for DivineBeats
- My telegram group for the love and support (click here to join)
- The guy who made 1000+ fonts
- @khongloi113 for fingerprint wake

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 / March 8, 2017
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Fri Oct 27, 2017 10:29 pm

thanks!!! this is awesome
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